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What Services Does Your Firm Provide To College Students In The Area Of Sports Law?

Our law firm provides general services for college athletes. If a business contacts a college athlete because of an interest in utilizing their name, image and likeness. Athletes are often asked to serve as spokespeople or to provide endorsements.

An attorney can represent a student athlete in contract negotiations. We will ensure the deal is in compliance with Mississippi law. We will also work directly with the athletic director to ensure they’re provided notice of the possibility of a Name, Image and Likeness deal. Therefore, we not only handle the actual negotiation and contract, but also ensure we’re in full compliance with the university interests.

I was a college football player a long time ago. We didn’t have sponsorship deals or anything like that available to us. But still, whether I was contacted for a sponsorship or not, it would have been nice to have someone ask questions about financial decisions. If you require assistance negotiating a contract, I’m your attorney. But I can also be a trusted source for financial advice.

Do I Need To Hire A Sports Law Attorney To Represent Me In My NIL Deal?

If you are offered a NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deal you do need to hire a sports law attorney. The schools often have attorneys that work for the university. These attorneys will be looking out for the best interest of the school, and many times, what’s best for the school may not be best for the student athlete. Sometimes the attorney’s vision and the student’s interests can diverge, which can be problematic. It’s always good to utilize your own representation to make sure that your interests are put before institutions.

What Compensation And Other Benefits Might Student Athletes Be Entitled To Under The Terms Of An NIL Contract?

The most common compensation for an NIL deal is monetary compensation. Earning can come from appearing on a billboard, endorsing a business, having a television commercial and more. With social media, the athlete can even be paid for taking a picture of themselves eating at a particular restaurant and telling everyone how much they enjoy it.

Some student athletes have signed NIL deals with car dealerships and may be driving a new Lamborghini and taking pictures of themselves driving it. Overall, brand deals can take on many different forms.

Who Has The Rights To Use A College Athlete’s Name, Image And Likeness And The Conditions Surrounding Such Use?

Student athletes will often appear in promotional content for the team or school, but no third party can use the athlete’s Name, Image and Likeness.

Should I Just Use The University’s Attorney To Review My NIL Conditions And Contract Or Should I Hire An Attorney Of My Own?

I think that the best approach is hiring your own attorney to work in tandem with the university’s legal compliance attorney. Doing so will ensure that everything is taken care of from a compliance standpoint on the university side. Having your own attorney also gives you an advocate to get the best compensation and best terms as well as remain within compliance.

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Andrew Cardwell, Esq.

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