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As a local law firm in Laurel, MS, you can be confident in your choice to work with The Cardwell Firm. You will have accessible, attentive, and affordable experts on your side at every step of the way. While larger firms can boast their size, our practice is rooted in the community, giving us that small-town feel.

In Mississippi, everyone is treated like your next-door neighbor. At The Cardwell Firm, we work towards upholding that way of thinking. We treat our clients like family. It is our mission to make sure that your family is safe, secure, and protected.

The Cardwell Firm works to protect families, support entrepreneurs, educate homeowners, settle disputes, uphold energy standards, and safeguard college athletes. Our attorneys pride themselves on incorporating southern charm into their practice making clients feel comfortable and understood.

We Are Accessible: Your schedule is our schedule. We are here for our clients day and night, weekday, or weekend. The Cardwell Firm will be there for you whenever you need us. We Are Attentive: My father always said listen first, talk second. Your needs and concerns are our highest priority. We work with you to gather all the pertinent information to ensure an informed and favorable outcome. We Are Affordable: As a member of the community, we understand the unique challenges of living in Laurel, MS. We offer our big city experience for small-town prices.

Meet The Attorney Andrew Cardwell

Andrew Cardwell, Esq.
Andrew had early-life ambitions to be a cowboy gunslinger, rustling cattle, and sleeping under the starry sky. These ambitions were suffocated by the fact that Andrew grew up within spitting distance of Dallas, Texas (which, oddly enough, is home to the Cowboys) which despite outsiders’ assumptions, has very little acreage for cattle to roam (it’s mostly concrete, skyscrapers, and “herds” of traffic) and the city lights obscure one’s view of the stars. His hopes dashed, Andrew instead hit the old cattle trail affectionately referred to by locals as Interstate 20, and landed in Clinton, Mississippi, where he spent four years at Mississippi College learning what a crawfish was, how grits can be a delicacy, and even how to stomach sweet tea. He grew fond of the notion that in Mississippi, everyone in the state is basically your next-door neighbor, once removed. He fell in love with the fact that Mississippians are some of the most hospitable folks in the world (and that’s saying something coming from Texas, y’all).

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Energy Law

In Mississippi, oil reigns supreme. As the backbone of Laurel and surrounding communities, we offer a wide range of services to help your business cut through all the red tape. Trusted by industry barons to deliver, our firm focuses on efficiency to maximize opportunities and avoid unnecessary delays for our clients. With extensive experience in all upstream and downstream oil and gas-related issues, The Cardwell Firm is where oil companies and mineral owners come for their energy lawyer needs.

Trust your neighborhood lawyers at The Cardwell Firm. We treat every client like family.

For more information on your energy law issues, schedule your consultation today with our energy law lawyers in Laurel, Mississippi.

Energy Law

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Real Estate Law / Title Attorney

Real Estate Law / Title Attorney​

The home is a place to gather with friends and loved ones. A place for you to feel secure and happy. For some, it may be the largest asset you ever own. Maintaining those little moments of joy in your life, while protecting your most significant investment is what we specialize in. For many, purchasing a home is often nerve-wracking and complicated. As real estate lawyers, we are here to help you navigate the complex nature of buying a house from the first offer until the final signature. Let us handle this, so you can enjoy your future sitting on the porch sipping sweet tea.

Have your real estate agent list us as your closing agent and we will take care of the rest. We guarantee flexible turnaround times on title opinions and closings. The Cardwell Firm uses a graduated price model so you can get what you need when you need it.

Trust your neighborhood lawyers at The Cardwell Firm. We treat every client like family.

For more information on your real estate and title concerns, schedule your consultation today with our real estate lawyers in Laurel, Mississippi.

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Sports Law

As a former college football player at Mississippi College, Andrew has a unique perspective on the challenges college athletes encounter balancing classroom expectations with on-field performance, and establishing themselves as mature, young adults. Our aim is to educate student-athletes about making prudent business decisions and ensuring that each client maximizes their success while remaining compliant with all applicable NCAA rules and Mississippi laws.

The Cardwell Firm is a full-service law firm with its finger on the pulse of the nuanced legal and compliance issues experienced by college athletes spanning the entire state of Mississippi. We offer Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) advising, contract review, contract drafting, trust accounting, and compliance services for college athletes and their families. We help student-athletes and their families navigate through every step of their NIL experience from freshman year to graduation.

Sports Law

Our firm works with university compliance staff, financial advisors, accountants, and insurance agents so you don’t have to. We help student-athletes and their families navigate through every step of their NIL experience from freshman year to graduation.

Trust your neighborhood lawyers at The Cardwell Firm. We treat every client like family.

For more information on NIL sports law, regulation, and compliance, schedule your consultation today with our sports attorneys in Laurel, Mississippi.

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