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Estate Planning

We know you. We’ve been in the same mindset as you. Maybe you are newly married or have recently welcomed your first or second bundle of joy. You have nothing to leave behind other than debt and well wishes. Most of your assets are only assets due to your sweat equity. You are young, and just stepping off the elevator onto the second floor of life. Why would you need a Last Will and Testament, or a Power of Attorney? The short answer is life is fantastically unpredictable. Plan ahead.

You purchase home insurance. You purchase auto insurance. Hopefully you have purchased life insurance (which is, by the way, one of the best estate planning tools for families building their familial foundation). Why not ensure that your family is provided for, and has one less headache? Let us walk you through the process of foundational family estate planning that will provide you and your foundational family, peace of mind. It’s painless, we promise.

At the Cardwell Firm, we believe in flat rate billing for estate planning matters. After all, since you have read this far, we know you are on your way to responsible adulting, and have a budget to mind. Match your level of need with the constraints of your budget. We offer the following packages tailored to fit your family size, station, asset quantity, but most importantly, your budget (please note that these documents can be purchased individually, but we have crafted these packages to give you the most comprehensive peace of mind for your money):

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  1. Foundational ($395) (plus applicable recording fees, typically $12): Last Will and Testaments for both spouses; Evaluation and Drafting or Revision of Real Property Deeds.
  2. Legacy ($695) (plus applicable recording fees, typically $12): Foundational Package plus Advanced Last Will and Testaments with Testamentary Trusts Agreement; Medical Power of Attorney for both spouses; Durable Power of Attorney for both spouses.
  3. Dynasty ($995) (plus applicable recording fees, typically $12): Legacy Package plus An Inter Vivos Trust including: Spendthrift Trust, Special Needs Trust, Educational Trust, or other advanced estate planning vehicle tailored to your unique needs.

Trust A Premier Estate Planning Attorney

We are empathetic to hard working clients with inflexible schedules. Accordingly, we offer after-hours appointments, and might even meet you on a Saturday. If you bring the donuts, we will supply the coffee.

At the Cardwell Firm, we are available for you every step of the way in your journey through life. Start early, and update easily as necessary. Contact our office today for estate planning lawyer Laurel MS.

** A La Carte Estate Planning Document Prices Available Upon Request **

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