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Mississippi Real Estate Lawyer For Perry County Businesses And Families

Are you thinking of buying or selling property in Perry County? Want to make sure your Mississippi investment or sale is not at risk? Contact The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, for a rapid and efficient closing, title check or other real estate service.

Perry County is emblematic of Mississippi’s status as the heartland of US neighborliness. No matter how far you might live from your neighbor, you can bet they would be happy to lend you a cup of sugar. But that doesn't mean you would sell them your house or buy a locale for your business without taking sufficient precautions first.

That is where The Cardwell Firm PLLC can help. A local attorney with a deep love for the spirit of Mississippi hospitality, Andrew Cardwell has set up his practice to help ordinary people through everyday legal tasks to make their lives simpler, easier, and more secure.

Which is exactly what you need in a good real estate attorney: no frills, fanfare, or expensive drama, just the simple solutions you need to ensure your transaction is as risk-free as possible. From verifying title liens to reviewing the contract before closing, you can be sure Andrew Cardwell will deliver efficient and effective results you can build your life or business.

What Is So Risky About Buying And Selling Without An Attorney?

Real Estate Lawyer Perry County Mississippi In 1857, notable and infamous outlaw James Copeland was hung in Perry County. His execution and the deaths of his fellow gang leaders, Gale H. Wages and Charles "Preacher" McGrath, were all the result of a botched real estate title fraud! A farmer was tricked into buying property from one of their associates who did not have full rights to the title, and when he refused to pay, and the gang came looking for their coin, guns and powder did the rest. But real estate frauds, as well as title disputes from more honest mistakes and unforeseen consequences, did not die with them. While they would now be resolved with a real estate lawsuit rather than gunfire, they could still easily ruin your life. Any real estate transaction today is a serious investment for a family or for a business, and it is vital to know ahead of time exactly what you are getting into. This is where a real estate lawyer comes into play.

How Will A Real Estate Attorney Reduce The Risk Of My Perry County Real Estate Transaction?

While real estate debacles are likely to be less bloody in the 21st century, they can still cost you everything. A real estate lawyer will check, double check, and verify all the legal requirements and conditions before helping you cross the ts and dot the is on your purchase or sale.

Get A Fast And Efficient Title Opinion

The title is the legal deed of the property, and it is important to make sure that it is entirely in order before proceeding with a purchase or sale. The last thing you want is to learn halfway through moving in that half the property actually belongs to someone else. That is why before any real estate transaction can proceed in Mississippi, in theory, a title opinion must be sought and obtained. Perry County is no exception. Overcoming this legal hurdle is simple and straightforward, though. Give our real estate law firm a call at (601) 401-6134, and you can even have it within a day if needed.

Verify All Liens So You Can Proceed With Your Real Estate Transaction

One key element of a title search and real estate transaction verification is to make sure no one has a prior claim on the property. These are called liens and can occur when a bank, government or even the beneficiary of an estate lays claim to the property. For example, if the prior owner of a business failed to pay all their taxes, the building might now have a lien on it by the government, but to try and salvage their losses, they offer it at a steep discount to you. Would you be able to figure out what was wrong in time to avoid the purchase? We can.

Ensure A Smooth And Hassle-Free Closing

Until the deed is signed and the transaction closed, nothing is set in stone in real estate. Make sure nothing is left up in the air by having an experienced attorney at your side to review the deal, verify the transaction, and approve your purchase or sale. While the buyer is usually responsible for paying the attorney closing fees, it is in the interest of both to ensure that it is smooth, efficient and as affordable as possible. These are three values The Cardwell Firm aims to uphold in every real estate closing.

Proceed With Your Real Estate Transaction Today

Real Estate Lawyer Perry County Mississippi The Cardwell Firm | Your path to a secure and efficient real estate closing in Perry County, Mississippi. Are you a small business entrepreneur looking to break ground or move into a new location? A homeowner looking to sell, or a family hoping to buy a new home in Perry County? Get the maestro of Mississippi real estate closings on your side right now for the most affordable and effective real estate transaction verification. The longer you wait, the more it will cost to finalize your real estate transaction before the deadline, or the more you’ll have to push back your purchase or sale while you wait. Don’t waste time or money; call Andrew Cardwell right now at (601) 401-6134 or contact us online for a quote on your real estate closing or title verification.
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