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Navigating a real estate transaction and don’t know where to begin or end? Andrew Cardwell of The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, can step in and make all the difference.

Everyone has a sense of what real estate is, but many have no idea how to navigate it. It is a juggling act, whether due to the constant changes in the market, the many laws and regulations that govern transactions, or the considerable amount of due diligence you may need to do to ensure you land the perfect property for your family or business.

Although wearing so many different hats just to get a piece of property is possible, it is difficult – and that’s if you don’t have anything else to do! Having other commitments like your own job, family life, or keeping up with your own personal interests eats into your capacity to learn whatever you’d need to be successful in this area, as well as the time it would take for you to do so.

This lack of knowledge and experience is a significant barrier to not only securing the ideal property for your needs but also successfully navigating the entire process. Nothing is worse than getting the perfect place, only for the deal to fall through because of clerical errors or other administrative oversights. This is entirely preventable with the resources of a reputable real estate law firm at your disposal.

This is where Andrew Cardwell of The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, steps in. He steers you clear of the pitfalls you may otherwise unknowingly walk right into. Andrew draws on his near-decade and a half of experience to deliver the results you need. Regardless of your understanding of real estate law or financial adeptness, Andrew does all he can to meet you where you are and bring you to where you want to go. Andrew’s firm, The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, is based in Laurel, Mississippi and serves Mississippians throughout the state – including Forrest County, Mississippi.

What Is Real Estate Law?

Real Estate Attorney, Forrest County, Mississippi

Real estate is more than just buying or selling a piece of land or a building. It is a reality of life – everyone needs somewhere to live and shelter to protect them from the elements. Now, real estate law is all of the regulations we as a society have legislated to make this reality of life go as smoothly for the largest number of people as possible. Whether or not that’s been successful is a matter of debate!

More specifically, real estate law intersects with other areas of the law and various subareas, if you will. Common ones include:

  • Property rights and ownership
  • Contracts
  • Land use
  • Environmental concerns
  • Zoning regulations
  • Disputes
  • Taxes

What Can A Real Estate Attorney Do For Me?

Like with anything else, once you introduce the law and lawyers to real estate, things become excessively complicated and involved. Although a real estate transaction might seem straightforward, the reality is, it isn’t. A real estate lawyer like Andrew Cardwell knows how to play the game since he has for years. He uses this to get you what you need. Specifically, he can help you in cases like the following:

Real Estate Attorney, Forrest County, Mississippi

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes occur more often than you might think. If you find yourself in this kind of real estate lawsuit, Andrew Cardwell will do a deep dive into the deed and get to the bottom of the issue, then advocate on your behalf.


Andrew can draft clear and legally compliant contracts for you. This is vital in mitigating potential disputes or violations in the future. Andrew also gives your interpretation of a contract sound rationale that will hold up in court if you are called into question by the other party.

Property Damage

If your property has incurred damage because of the fault of another, Andrew comes to your defense and argues for a settlement that makes you whole. He is ready and willing to take your case to trial if a settlement is never reached.

Tile Examination

A clear and marketable title is vital for your real estate transaction to end successfully. Andrew thoroughly examines your title, ensuring everything is issue-free, and you have a clear path to completing your transaction.

And More

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The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, Forrest County, Mississippi

If you are looking to make a move in the Forrest County, Mississippi, real estate market, contact Andrew Cardwell at (601) 401-6134 or by email today. He will listen to you describe your situation and diagnose your needs. From there, he will develop a plan to get you there.

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