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What Is Your Personal Experience With Small Businesses?

I own and operate a small business. I started my law firm in the basement of my house 12 years ago and have learned by personal experience. We have expanded a lot since then and that process has given me a unique perspective.

If my client is an entrepreneur and they want to start their small business and have goals of hiring employees, getting an office building, I am able to guide them every step of the way based on true experience. My background gives me the ability to let my clients learn from my mistakes as a small business owner who has now seen growth and success.

What Services Does Your Firm Offer To Small Business Clients?

Our firm tailors our services based on our clients’ small business needs. We offer a startup package that is affordably priced. Usually clients need me to acquire an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS or retrieve an operating agreement.

What clients need largely depends on what structure they’ve decided to go with, whether that be a limited liability company or a corporation. We also usually retrieve articles of incorporation and all other start-up documents needed. When it comes to their operating agreement, we draft it, help execute it, and notarize. The same applies with articles of incorporation. Our firm also registers clients with the Mississippi Secretary of State so they’re in compliance with the state law.

What Is Included In Your Flat Fee Startup Package For Small Business Owners In Mississippi?

The flat fee startup package includes registration with the IRS and the Mississippi Secretary of State. We will also draft articles of incorporation or their operating agreement, depending on the route they’re going. We will determine what their goals are and if they want to grow, I can give them an idea of what that’s going to look like and how to prepare.

When Someone Decides To Start A Small Business In Mississippi, At What Point In The Planning Process Is It Ideal To Hire An Experienced Business Attorney?

If you are deciding to start a small business in Mississippi, you should hire an attorney immediately. Even simply to get a bank account in the name of your LLC or corporation, you must have an operating agreement or articles of incorporation. Therefore, if you don’t take those initial steps you’re going to potentially be forced to use your personal account. That would be very counterproductive as the whole point of a limited liability company or a corporation is to shield your personal assets from liability.

What Are Some Of The Most Important Questions And Discussions That You Have For And With Clients Who Come To You And Want To Start A Business?

Some of the most important initial questions for clients who wish to start a business are: what is the main objective of your business? And, what kind of work are you currently in?

When you’re registering with the state, you have to provide an actual code characterizing what line of work you’re in.

I usually proceed with a client intake form that gets all the just basic information out of the way and allows us to sit down and have a conversation. I always hope my client views me as an ally for their business. I hope that at the very least, my support is felt and my client appreciates having access to my extensive business knowledge.

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Andrew Cardwell, Esq.

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