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Your Trusted Real Estate Law Firm In Covington County, MS

Planning to buy or sell a home? Let us handle the details.

The most exciting thing about buying or selling a new home is, by far, the closing phase. It can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. For either feeling, the Cardwell Firm is here for you.

While getting approved and having all of your conditions met as a buyer or seller may sound cut and dry, there are plenty of aspects to consider in these real estate transactions.

The Cardwell Firm has been assisting buyers and sellers as their preferred real estate law firm since our inception in 2010. We have grit and tenacity that has outlasted the ebb and flow of the housing market, thanks in part to founder Andrew Cardwell’s diligence honed on the football field of Mississippi College.

Yet, we have always been able to handle the needs of our clients with the utmost care. This kind of attention has made us one of the premier real estate law firms in Covington County, MS. We offer top-tier service in real estate law, estate planning, small business, sports law and more. Contact us today for a consultation!

Do You Need A Real Estate Attorney?

Real Estate Law Attorney, Covington County, Mississippi

The state of Mississippi requires an attorney to be involved in the preparation of a deed. However, in circumstances in which deeds are involved in cash deals, a lawyer is not legally required. Keep in mind that although a real estate attorney is optional in those instances, this may lead to unintentional oversight.

Having an experienced real estate lawyer means you can be sure a thorough title search has been conducted. This, in turn, results in less stress for you and more time spent enjoying the home-buying and selling experience. This gives you all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

On the flip side, as a seller forgoing having a realtor, you would benefit from having a real estate attorney draw up a contract. This way, legal documents are already prepared for when you receive an offer.

Other items that you might overlook in the real estate transaction process are inspections. Anyone in the market to buy or sell a home in Covington County, MS, can be expected to have termite, mold and septic inspections done.

Mississippi usually has one real estate attorney handle both the seller and buyer side of a real estate transaction. Our firm’s focus is maintaining confidentiality and diligence for both sides.

While having a real estate agent is always recommended, having an attorney who practices real estate law on your side is also a great idea. Additional caveats require special attention guaranteed by a real estate attorney, like taxes or the responsibilities of sellers versus buyers in the process.

Should You Get A Real Estate Agent And A Real Estate Lawyer?

Real Estate Law Attorney, Covington County, Mississippi

Typically, a real estate agent’s job is to find you either a) a home if you are a buyer or b) a buyer if you are a seller. Special cases also require more detailed care that our real estate law firm handles effortlessly. In those cases, the significance of having an experienced and focused real estate attorney really can make all the difference.

For instance, in addition to real estate law, the Cardwell Firm has practice areas in sports law and estate planning. In this very unique situation, an NCAA collegiate athlete may need special assistance where real estate law meets sports law, estate planning, and small business law. In this example, having experience in NIL (name, image, likeness) as a specialty focus helps us better assist these kinds of clients.

The fact is that having a full spectrum law firm would benefit any client needing more than just one particular service. We pride ourselves in offering all our clients that kind of cross-category assistance when needed.

The Cardwell Firm: Top Notch Negotiators In Covington County, MS

Call our firm today to get the answers you need for your real estate law concerns!

Buying and selling real estate can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Having a reliable and compassionate real estate law firm on your side can help alleviate that burden of stress and make the experience more enjoyable. At the Cardwell Firm, we understand that diligence and reward go hand in hand and are ready to assist you in your real estate law needs.

If you are seeking a seasoned real estate attorney in the Covington County, MS area and are ready to schedule a free consultation, call our firm at (601) 401-6134.

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