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Although hard to believe now, there was a time when oil and gas reigned supreme in the southern regions of the United States. You were set for life if you were a landowner and found an ample oil supply beneath your soil.

Today’s market for oil and gas is still strong, but there has been mounting pressure to find new and alternative energy sources. With more and more people opting for earth-conscious sources, The Cardwell Firm, PLLC is committed to moving forward with our clients.

With over ten years of experience practicing law, founder Attorney Cardwell has made it his mission to be the top oil and gas law firm for Lamar County, MS, residents. His commitment to understanding the ins and outs of the energy industry sets him apart from other firms that just want to line their pockets.

Unlike other firms that are only interested in what’s in it for them, Attorney Cardwell is much more interested in how things can work for everyone. This team leader mentality has been a hallmark of our firm, stemming from Attorney Cardwell’s early years in organized sports.

There’s much more to understand beneath the surface of alternative, renewable, and even traditional energy resources. With the help of our knowledgeable firm, you’ll see all the pieces come together for you and the community.

Who Benefits From Mineral Rights?

Mineral Rights Lawyer, Lamar County, Mississippi

Mineral rights refer to elements below the surface. If someone owns a parcel of land, they typically also own the rights to the resources beneath the surface.

In Lamar County, MS, mineral rights mean you can be an energy supplier. Not only would you be able to make money off of leasing out these rights, but you could potentially bring these energy resources to the community at large.

No one material exists in an infinite amount, so it is vital to consider the cause and effect of the resources we use. Being solely dependent on one resource is extremely dangerous, given how populous the country is.

It’s important that those willing to allow access to the mineral rights they possess are compensated as well. Truthfully, there are plenty of corporations that can buy your mineral rights and give you a pretty hefty sum in return.

However, that may not be the best option for you. So while everyone in the community will benefit from an increased access to energy sources, you will benefit two-fold as part of the supply chain and consumer.

Should I Sell Or Lease My Mineral Rights?

While The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, isn’t in the business of telling anyone what to do, we are in the business of preparing our clients for the best outcome.

You can sell your mineral rights, but you may be giving up future royalties. If you keep your mineral rights, you could have the opportunity to lease them out.

Leasing out mineral rights gives you the chance to receive recurring income from ownership. The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, can help you with your lease contracts. We offer several different services that can benefit you, such as:

  • Lease review and advising
  • Farmouts
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Surface use contracts
  • Damage waivers

Mineral Rights Lawyer, Lamar County, Mississippi

Residents of Lamar County, MS, and landowners throughout the state have many different avenues to choose from when it comes to mineral rights. Although ownership certainly offers more ways to receive income from mineral rights, options contracts could help to bring in future income if your goal is to buy later.

If you’re interested in more information regarding your specific situation or interest, speak with an experienced mineral rights attorney.

The Cardwell Firm, PLLC: Your Mineral Rights Specialist In Lamar County, MS

Get the legal advice you need to get the best deal for your mineral rights!

Do you need a skilled and knowledgeable mineral rights attorney in Lamar County, MS, to help you with your contracts? The Cardwell Firm, PLLC, can provide you with top-tier mineral rights consulting services.

There are many considerations to take into account when assessing what to do with your mineral rights. Working with an experienced law firm can ease your worries. Often, individuals are in way over their heads when it comes to mineral rights leases and options. This is often because they haven’t thought about long-term potential or inherited some mineral rights.

Regardless of your situation, speaking to a compassionate mineral rights attorney would be best. Call The Cardwell Firm, PLLC at (601) 401-6134 to schedule a consultation today!

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