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Your Industrious, Proficient Oil & Gas Attorney in Clarke County, MS

Investing in oil & gas in Clarke County, MS? Let a dedicated local attorney take your side, and protect your business the right way.

Clarke County, Mississippi is rich in natural beauty, as well as natural resources. As a result, this beautiful area has attracted a wide range of investors in natural gas, oil, and minerals. But profiting wisely while complying with all EPA regulations and land ownership laws can be nuanced and tangled without the right guidance. Don’t let your oil and gas venture end in disaster, litigation, or ruin.

Attorney Andrew Cardwell has the experience, care, and precision to help your oil and gas venture grow, succeed, and profit safely and effectively. Bringing with him a range of experience in real estate, energy, and environmental law, he’s the ideal candidate to help your business flourish and ensure compliance, safety, and legality at each step. You’ve invested far too much already to settle; let a local, practiced attorney take your side.

Andrew Cardwell, a hard-working Texan transplant, understands well the value of balancing corporate growth with environmental care. He’s determined to help your business grow, get you the best deal possible on your own land and resources, and allow your enterprise to thrive financially and in the public eye for years to come.

Looking to invest in oil, gas, mineral, or renewable energy in Clarke County? Let oil and gas attorney Andrew Cardwell ensure you have the legal backing to move forward wisely, and stay compliant.

How Can The Right Attorney Protect My Oil & Gas Business?

Oil & Gas Attorney, Clarke County, MS

You’re in one of the most important and inter-connected industries in the world; energy. What’s more, your industry is likely to come under unique legal and political scrutiny, making a judicious and thorough attorney at your side all the more important.

You have every right to profit, but you need to make sure you do so legally and carefully. Getting and keeping the rights to subterranean oil and gas deposits requires an adept understanding of:

  • Land ownership disputes
  • Operations agreements
  • Environmental ordinances
  • Labor regulations
  • Risks and liabilities involved should damage occur

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was back in 2010, but people still talk about it. One of the largest and most unfortunate environmental disasters in industrial history, it could have been avoided entirely with the right oversight, and better regulations. As many as 11 workers died, and the ecological cost was catastrophic.

Don’t let a similar legacy follow your work. Helping you stay on the right side of the law as you profit and grow your business saves you avoidable delays, accidents, litigation, and fines. There’s too much to leave to chance, and your oil and gas services are too important to receive anything but the best oversight and handling.

Can You Help My Enterprise With Mining Or Renewable Operations?

Absolutely. Mineral resources are another industry we proudly work with, and Andrew Cardwell is ready to help you mine safely, legally, and resourcefully. Mississippi leads in sand and gravel, crushed stone, and ball clay, and having quality legal help from a mineral rights lawyer is important from the very start.

Mining is especially sensitive environmentally, and it’s important for us to keep your venture compliant, EPA-friendly, and on-board with all state and national ordinances. Allow our team to handle titles, waivers, land ownership disputes, and the finer points of regulations.

Working with traditional electricity or renewables? We have the right connections to local Public Service Commissions and the Electrical Power Association to help you invest, build, and supply with confidence. We can also assist with obtaining landowner permission, and settling ownership disputes.

Looking to rent out property for renewable energy use? Allow us to handle the process, and connect you with the best companies and resources available. Seeking to benefit from the natural resources on your own land? Let us look over any lease or royalty agreements, to make sure you’re being compensated properly.

Andrew Cardwell : Protecting Your Business, Land, And Resources In Clarke County, MS

Oil & Gas Attorney, Clarke County, MS

Don’t take costly chances; let Attorney Andrew Cardwell help your oil & gas business flourish and stay protected in the long-run

Looking to enter the oil or gas industries in Clarke County, Mississippi? Seeking to mine successfully and keep your business compliant? Get the right help, and stay ahead of the curve at each important step.

Allow local oil and gas litigation attorney Andrew Cardwell to review your case, protect your business, and help you grow in the right directions. Oil and gas regulations are complex, and any mistakes will be costly, or even ruinous. With an attentive local attorney on your side, you can drill, mine, profit, and grow with care, environmental compliance, and the future in mind.

Call Andrew Cardwell today at (601) 401-6134, and enter the oil and gas industry with confidence and the right protections.

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